The Truth (BTS)

Behind-the-scenes stills from Ben Brundell’s short film shoot The Truth 


Sofar Sounds: Bloomsbury

Shooting stills for Sofar Sounds at The Collective in Bloomsbury. Artists: The Tailormade, Bobby Barzini and The Ishmael Collective

Sofar Sounds: Hackney Wick

More pics for Sofar Sounds London, this time at The White Posts, Hackney Wick. Artists: Veronica Bianqui, Sadie Horler, Vade

Sofar Sounds: East Acton

A very homely setting for this Sofar Sounds gig. Artists: Dan Simpson (spoken word poet), M w S, arC

Sofar Sounds: Shepherds Bush

At Huckletree in White City for Sofar Sounds. Artists: Kim Logan, Stand for Humanity, Gabrielle Sey

Sofar Sounds: Hackney Wick

Back to Hackney Wick for Sofar Sounds, artists: Julian LeBen, ILUKA, The Ayoub Sisters

Sofar Sounds: Fitzrovia

On a roof along Goodge Street for the latest Sofar Sounds shoot. Artists: Ruth-Ellen, Edd Keene – The Green Man, Anjelo Disons

Sofar Sounds: Westbourne Park

Some shots of the very mysterious Languid Looms for another Sofar Sounds shoot

Sofar Sounds: East Acton

Back in the East Acton house for Sofar Sounds with Hannah Scott, Rahul Kohli (comedian) and Beth Macari

Sofar Sounds: Rotherhite

Majestic surroundings in Rotherhite’s Norwegian Seamen’s Church for Sofar Sounds. Artists: Latenight Honeymoon, Dan Bettridge and Æ MAK